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PEDCEE Drops and Syrup

Children can get so many bumps and bruises in the course of playing around. And they also get exposed to so many germs and possible infections. Good thing there’s PEDCEE. With a full 500 mg of Vitamin C, your children will be able to handle life’s little bruises with flying colors.

But don’t think that PEDCEE is just for the little warriors in the family. PEDCEE is perfect for preventing Vitamin C deficiency in both children and adults. And for heavy smokers, drinkers, athletes or the elderly, PEDCEE is the solution for the greatly increased Vitamin C requirements of the body.

And for those with infectious diseases, chronic illness, or those who recently underwent medical operations, PEDCEE provides the Vitamin C needed for the synthesis of collagen, a connective tissue protein of the body necessary for the growth and repair of body tissue cells, tooth and bone matrix formation as well as gums and blood vessels.

For the assistance in healing of life’s little scrapes and bumps to the production of amino acids necessary for normal brain and nerve functions, PEDCEE is your daily companion and the answer to all your needs
From childhood to childbearing
From active to retired
Feel the power of PEDCEE
Feel the Power of 500!

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PEDZINC PLUS C (Drops and Syrup, Vitamin C with Zinc)

Take the protection of Vitamin C (150% RENI)
Add the benefits of Zinc (100% RENI)
What do you get?

With Vitamin C you get

  • a fortified immune system that can shield your children from respiratory infections and increase resistance to stress
  • improved healing from wounds and bruises that are normal for active children
  • increase energy and resistance to keep your child healthy and strong

With Zinc you get

  • a mineral that is vital for the growth and development of children
  • improved motor development and better neuro-psychologic function in a child’s brain

With PEDZINC PLUS C what you REALLY get is

  • Double the effectiveness
  • Double the potency
  • Double the protection
  • Double the physical and mental benefits
  • Double the strength

All in one product!
PEDZINC PLUS C - "Doble Bisa, Doble Proteksyon – Protektadong Protektado!"

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